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Unleashed Alaska

Training You to Train Your Dog

Dog-Training Services

If you’re looking for dog training in or near JBER, Alaska, that is science based and humane, you found it!

I service the nearby area up to a one-hour drive radius. If you do not live in this vicinity, no problem. I can still work with you over Google Meet.

Dog-Training in Your Home

With private training, you have my undivided attention. You will not be packed in a small room with strangers and their dogs and forced to share my time. The only people you share with are those you invite. We will meet in the comfort of your own home, and I encourage you to invite all the members of your family who will be working with your dog. It’s a bonding opportunity for the whole family. 

If you want me to come help you train your dog, hit the button and schedule a Meet & Greet.

Individual Sessions: $100/hour

Package of 4 Sessions: $350

Private Dog-Training Online

Looking for personalized training, but would you prefer not to have someone in your home? Or do you want to save a little money? When you work with me over Google meet, you get the same quality training, but with a discount. Since you are saving me time and effort, I’m passing that savings on to you. All you need is a computer and internet connection that allows for video. 

Schedule a Meet & Greet to find out if this option is for you.

Individual Sessions: $70/hour

Package of 4 Sessions: $250

Core Dog-Training Course

Welcome to my specialty class! This course is perfect for families who have just brought a new canine family member into the fold. With this class, I will give you a systematic overview of how you can learn to train your own dog so you don’t have to keep turning to a trainer every time you have a problem. 

Each week focuses on a new topic with new games to play with your dog. Let me show you the overall agenda below.

4 Sessions in Your Home: $350

4 Sessions over Google Meet: $250

Session 1: Understanding Your Dog

Dog training is ultimately about good communication and building a quality relationship. And both those begin with learning how to listen. That’s why I begin with an introduction to how dogs learn. We’ll talk about the importance of emotions and how they influence behavior. Then, we’ll learn how to communicate clearly with your dog in a way that does not include things like frustration and yelling.

Session 2: Getting the Behaviors You Want

Now it’s time to leverage what you learned last session. We are going to start using a science-based approach to dog training to draw out the behaviors from your dog that you want. Once you learn how to motivate a dog from the inside-out and how to communicate what you want clearly, I think you’ll be amazed at what you can do. 

Intro to dog training

Session 3: Preventing Behaviors You Don't Want

Usually when people tell me that their dog isn’t listening to them, that means they can’t prevent their dogs from doing things they don’t want them to. They don’t want their dogs running away from them. They don’t want their dogs getting into the trash. They don’t want their dogs stealing their shoes. They don’t want their dogs taking off without permission. These are the kinds of things we will tackle in this session.

Session 4: Cooperative Care

When someone is interacting with your dog, you want your dog on their best behavior. This is especially true at the vet’s office. Cooperative care is about helping your dog feel comfortable physically interacting with others, and learning how to communicate discomfort so that the people can adjust. Learning how to engage in cooperative care with your dog will help avoid frustration and embarrassment in social settings.

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