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Unleashed Alaska

Training You to Train Your Dog

Serving JBER, Alaska and surrounding area

JBER, Anchorage, Chugiak, and Eagle River

Are You Looking For Dog Training Near You That Is...?

Personalized to meet your real needs

Science-based and proven to be effective

Compassionate and cares for the whole dog

Private Lessons in Your Home

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Core Dog-Training Package

Core Dog-Training Package


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Dog Training Has Evolved!

Modern dog training takes into account not just dog behavior, but the overall health and well-being of a dog, which includes behavioral health.

When you train with science, you know you are using what has proven to be the most effective and humane approach possible.

And you end up with a well-mannered canine companion, as well as a much stronger bond with your best friend.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Dog Training Has Evolved
Embrace the Future

Let Go of the Past. Embrace the Future.

The truth is this: There’s no longer any need to rely on outdated, punitive methods that can damage your dog physically, emotionally, or socially.

When you use modern, science-based dog training, you learn how to care for your whole dog. That means leveraging the most effective training possible with…

No more yelling

No more scaring

No more hurting

When you want nothing less than a quality relationship with your dog that flows from a deep bond of trust, the methods you use matter.

I Spend Quality Time with You...

So You Can Spend Quality Time with Your Dog

At the end of the day, your dog lives with you, not me. That’s why I want to teach you how to train your dog. I want you to know how to deal with situations as they arise in real life.

When we work together, I will empower you to understand how your dog is processing information. Then, you will know how to draw out the very best from your canine companion.

In our classes, everything I do will be on display. I will explain it all to you. I will be an open book. There will be no secrets. My knowledge becomes your knowledge.

In between classes, you will have games you can play to continue the growth experience while I am not there. These will be tailored to not just your dog’s needs, but the real needs of your household.

In the end, if you have paid attention and put in the work, you will know how to do this by yourself.

Monica and Kia

Frequently Asked Questions

Science-based dog training uses the best information we have from science about how dogs learn and applies that to training. Science isn’t just a way to explain what we do when we train. It informs us as we train, because we want to be aware of not only what works well but the overall effects our methods have on the health and wellbeing of the dog. Science-based trainers (like myself) tend to follow the guidance of “LIMA”.

“LIMA” stands for “least invasive, minimally aversive”. That means that when working with a dog I lean into the techniques that the dog is most likely to enjoy. If that isn’t working, then I will consider the next step down. 

When a dog is having fun, it is more engaged, and therefore more open to learning. The more aversive the method, the harder it is for a dog to learn new skills. Also, more aversive methods tend to leave “fallout” (physical, emotional, or social damage to the dog) which we want to avoid.

Science-based dog training naturally shys away from “aversives” because studies are showing us that they are ultimately bad for your dog. While you may end up “correcting” a behavior, the use of aversives (intimidation, fear, pain, violence) can have damaging effects on the physical, emotional, or social life of a dog. That means that choke chains, prong collars, and (especially) shock tend to be counterproductive in training. In more extreme cases, they can even be fatal. 

Here’s an article  by Mark Berkhoff that goes more into detail as to why these things are bad. It’s no wonder that many countries have banned choke chains, prong collars, and shock collars.

In person sessions are temporarily not being offered.  Online training is available to all qualifying clients!

Contact me anyway. While my rates are very low for professional dog training, I realize that they can still be high for those who struggle to put food on the table and pay the bills. If you can’t afford my current rates, I’ll work with you to determine what you can afford.

What are You Dreaming of Right Now?

A happy, healthy, and responsive canine companion?

A sense of independence knowing that you can train your dog yourself? 

An ever-growing bond of trust and love?

I hope that’s your dream. Because that’s my dream for you.

Let's Turn Your Dream into a Reality

If you want a happy, healthy, and responsive dog who is more bonded to you than ever before, I would love to hear from you. I will work with dogs of all ages and all breeds.

If you are in the JBER, Alaska area and looking for dog training near you, get in touch.  For those outside of my area, we can still do private training over Google Meet.